About Us:
Welcome! Fisher Bros. House Moving Co, Inc. has been a family owned business since 1857. Serving Northern California, we raise houses or building for new foundations, bottom stories and garages. We also move houses, buildings and portable classrooms.

Certified Pier Tech® Contractor:
Fisher Bros., Inc. is a certified foundation repair contractor that uses helical piers and helical anchors—a ground breaking, patented technology from Pier Tech Systems known as the Helical Pier Method. The Helical Pier Method is suitable for residential and commercial applications in order to help with any settlement a home or building may have undergone without replacing the whole foundation. It is fast and cost effective.


Permanent Foundation Repairs:
Fisher Bros., Inc. can raise, level, and stabilize your foundation using the Helical Pier Method. We install deep foundation piers for new construction and underpinning for commercial and residential buildings.

Our value proposition is that we can raise your home or building and replace the entire foundation, or we can repair and stabilize the existing foundation using helical piers.

Structural Moving:
Fisher Bros., Inc. can move buildings or homes for various reasons. Sometimes landowners want a larger home built on their property and are willing to donate their old home to first time home owners. Dangers, such as floods, could damage your home and can be prevented by raising it above the flood line. Also, recycling a home or buildings is more environmentally friendly than demolishing it.

Click here to read about how Fisher Bros., Inc. moved an 80-ton, 1890 Victorian house in Livermore, CA.

Read our brochure on the Helical Pier Method and how it can be used to stabilize an existing foundation by clicking here.

We are a general contractor certified by Pier Tech Systems

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